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Hi, y’all. You’ve somehow stumbled upon the Website for my new book, “Don’t Be Cruel,” a tale of bad people doing bad things, badly.

Hey, some people like it. A lot.

Brian Keene, best-selling author of Ghoul and Darkness on the Edge of Town, says, “Bizarre, clever, and full of pitch black humor, DON’T BE CRUEL is one hell of a debut novel! Argento’s voice, prose, and wit are sharp as razors. Highly recommended!”

Victor Gischler, author of Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse, among others, called it “fast and fun.”

John Skipp, best-selling horror novelist and man about town, called it “Elmore Leonard on laughing gas.  It’s been a while since I laughed out loud so many times in a single work of fiction.”

My pal Lauri Lebo, author of The Devil In Dover, called “Don’t Be Cruel” says, “In his first novel, the delightfully goofy read, Don’t Be Cruel, veteran journalist Mike Argento proves once again he’s a twisted bastard with a heart of gold.”

Another pal, Tony Norman,kick-ass columnist with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and big Johnny Cash fan, calls the book “consistently funny, profane and gratuitously outrageous.”

And it’s available, just for you, right now. The good people of will ship it right to you. Just go here.